Fabula living rugs

All rugs are handmade and the collection . Wonderful colours and Natural materials. Lisbet Friis is among the best in Denmark when it comes to colours, colour schemes and weaving techniques. In the collection for Labula Living.

Fabula ensure Nordic story telling and tradition resonate in their designs and are blended into their contemporary rugs. This artistic agility is underlined by a .

Fabula Living är ett ungt företag inom tillverkning av mattor. A bold stripe design by Danish designer Lisbet Friis, the design was inspired by ancient carpet traditions. Inspired by nature and the changing weather the collection features a . Jämför priser och läs recensioner på Mattor.

Design Puder Graphic Collection. Teppich Thistle Gold von The Rug Company. KOZLIFE」の「 fabula living rug 」カテゴリーの商品一覧.

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New Zealand wool mixed with linen or viscose. De Cupidinis et Psychis Amorihus fabula Anilis (Ricketts) 11 1De Harak , Rudolf:. The Flame, rug (Gallen-Kallela) 10 1Flaxman, John 2. Nu op het blog ons beeldverslag uit Parijs.

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We aim to tell stories with our modern rugs by bringing together the . VIDSTRUP Matta, kort lugg – IKEA. Too Ultra modern living room for me (and surely off the charts spendy), but gorgeous. Vacker matta som skimrar en aning och som är mycket skön att gå på.

Retail sale of carpets, rugs , wall and floor coverings in specialized stores . Our designer lisbet friis get some of her inspiration to our rugs from lønstrup – a small fishing village in the north of . Carpets, rugs , mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing . THE COLLECTION handcrafted modern. FABULA LIVING the story behind the lines.